picking up stitches video

I have been asked to do a tutorial video on picking up stitches on the bags... i have no idea how to do that so went to the site that helps me out a ton when i get stuck or don't understand.... both links should open in a new window.... they do a MUCH better job at explaining than i could ever do... hope this helps and have a great day.


video for picking up stitches

knit baby booties

my step mother-in-law has a etsy shop and sells knitted baby booties... she has different sizes and colors to choose from... hop on over and take a look and/or if you know of anyone interested in them send them on over too... much appreciated... have a GREAT day!

Elena Mitchell

if you have any questions re: anything she has... you can leave me a comment here or e-mail me direct at...
and i will respond as soon as i can... THANKS AGAIN!

more freebies...

ok, sorry for the confusion earlier... i had forgot to make the files public... they were still private... these should work now... sorry about that... if you have any problems please let me know... THANKS

band aid
frog dishcloth ... this one is much smaller than the tree frog cloth
snowman stamp
tongue ... a famous one

my free patterns... direct link

these have already been posted on my blog, i am using google drive, a file share program, so you can just click the name and download it to your computer or such...  i also have some patterns never released before to up-load...  thanks for stopping by... have a great day/night!

if you need help on the bags... picking up stitches... knittinghelp.com ... I will try and add the link to each google drive file very soon.... sorry for any confusion

angel cloth
apple cloth 2
asl i love you
bubble gum machine
cancer ribbon bag
coffee maker
deaf symbol
duckie illusion scarf
giddy up
grrrr cloth
happy hunny bear bag
happy hunny bear
hero cloth
hot diggity dog
i love you baby blanket
laura's paw bag
little tank engine
paw dishcloth
rose dishcloth
sewing machine dishcloth


Hello there... I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by.... I know it has been a very long while since I last posted.... I haven't knit or designed anything in a long bit but plan to start again sometime in the near future...

I do check the blog everyday to see if anyone has left any comments or not and I have had a good bit of people leave me messages asking for the pattern of ???... so they have a file of it not just print out they can do...

The response I give is...

Send me a message to: frogiez01@yahoo.com
with the name of the pattern you wish in the subject line and I will send it to you....

Other than the above is just say "hey can I have the pattern"... if it is more than one pattern file just tell me and I will send them... you can still leave a comment in here if you choose...

This way I can get the pattern out to the people who are asking for them.
Thanks again for stopping by and HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Don't forget that I am in Ravelry as frogiez and all my patterns free and sale are in there... if you are not a member of Ravelry it is free to join, may take a day or two to get in, but you can meet people from all around the globe and find just about anything knit or crochet...