Baby news

ok.... i found out last tuesday that my brother harold and his wife are expecting a baby due september 1st....they have a lil girl already.... i get home today and there was a message from my brother ron that said .... CALL ME.... he told me that he and his wife are expecting september 24th.... they have 3 girls.... needless to say i am the only girl and have the only boys in the group so this should be fun..... more news later .. so i am asking for any and all ideas on making a baby blanket.... may be with some pics on it i have no clue.... both are going to have to be in neutral since they arent going to tell what they are having.... thanks in advance and i look forward to seeing what is out there


Aunt Kathy said...

I made these wonderful blankets they were done in squares, each square a different knitted pattern, and each one represented a message about God and how He loves them.

It's called Biblical Bits for Knit Wits

I bought the book for the patterns and the explanations. And have made this for several expecting mothers.

Briley said...

Wow, lots of baby knitting for you! Your dish cloth designs are so spectacular, what about designing your own blanket. You can pick a theme and some gender nuetral colours and work with squares, or strips, or one large piece. I think a baby blanket designed and knit by auntie would (or should-depending on your family) become a family heirloom!

susanmark said...

HI Amy Lynne.

Just wanted to Say THANK YOU for the GRRRRR pattern. It's so cute.
Sorry I haven't written to thank you sooner.


kadezmom said...

Congrats to your brother!!!