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My friend Shirl has done a few KALs to help out in one of our groups while the owner was sick. Now that she's feeling better....Melanie thought it would be a nice surprise to set up a dishcloth KAL group for her. She's so sweet and really enjoys doing the KALs. So, if anyone is interested....come on over to Shirley's Knitting Knook and join us for some friendly chat and two KALs a month. Not a lot of rules....just friends hanging out, chatting and knitting. We'd sure love to have you. You can also leave me a comment (or lilknit...she's gonna be there too of course) and we'll send you an invite. It's gonna be pretty lonely without our friends there to hang out with us.


Lil Knitter said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. ROFL


amy-lynne......... said...


Aunt Kathy said...

De Ja Vue (sp?) I swear I just read these words almost exactly the same, LOL.

You two are too funny