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My friend Shirl has done a few KALs to help out in one of our groups while the owner was sick. Now that she's feeling better....Melanie thought it would be a nice surprise to set up a dishcloth KAL group for her. She's so sweet and really enjoys doing the KALs. So, if anyone is interested....come on over to Shirley's Knitting Knook and join us for some friendly chat and two KALs a month. Not a lot of rules....just friends hanging out, chatting and knitting. We'd sure love to have you. You can also leave me a comment (or lilknit...she's gonna be there too of course) and we'll send you an invite. It's gonna be pretty lonely without our friends there to hang out with us.


designed by: Amy-lynne Mitchell
test knit by : Shirley Smith

Materials: 1 ball cotton
Size US 6 needles
 co 47 – knit -- this will be row 1
row 2 – 6 --- and all even knit
row 7 --- k3 p41 k3
row 9 --- k3 p41 k3
row 11 --- k3 p12 k3 p26 k3
row 13 --- k3 p12 k1 p28 k3
row 15 --- k3 p8 k3 p1 k1 p8 k3 p1 k4 p12 k3
row 17 --- k3 p10 k1 p1 k1 p10 k1 p1 k1 p15 k3
row 19 --- k3 p10 k1 p1 k4 p1 k3 p3 k1 p1 k1 p15 k3
row 21 --- k3 p10 k3 p3 k1 p3 k1 p2 k1 p1 k1 p8 k4 p3 k3
row 23 --- k3 p7 k2 p2 k1 p4 k1 p4 k5 p4 k3 p1 k1 p6 k3
row 25 --- k3 p6 k1 p2 k2 p5 k1 p4 k1 p4 k1 p5 k1 p1 k1 p6 k3
row 27 --- k3 p5 k3 p2 k1 p5 k1 p4 k1 p4 k5 p1 k3 p6 k3
row 29 --- k3 p5 k1 p2 k1 p2 k1 p4 k1 p4 k1 p4 k1 p4 k1 p2 k1 p6 k3
row 31 --- k3 p5 k1 p5 k2 p2 k6 p5 k1 p4 k1 p3 k1 p5 k3
row 33 --- k3 p5 k1 p3 k1 p1 k1 p1 k2 p5 k1 p5 k1 p4 k1 p3 k3 p3 k3
row 35 --- k3 p6 k1 p1 k2 p1 k1 p9 k1 p3 k1 p5 k1 p2 k2 p2 k1 p2 k3
row 37 --- k3 p3 k1 p1 k2 p4 k1 p10 k4 p4 k2 p2 k1 p3 k1 p2 k3
row 39 --- k3 p2 k4 p1 k4 p15 k2 p2 k1 p1 k3 p3 k1 p2 k3
row 41 --- k3 p2 k3 p2 k1 p20 k2 p5 k1 p2 k1 p2 k3
row 43 --- k3 p3 k1 p2 k1 p29 k2 p3 k3
row 45 --- k3 p6 k1 p34 k3
row 47 --- k3 p5 k3 p33 k3
row 49 --- k3 p5 k3 p33 k3
row 51 --- k3 p6 k1 p34 k3
row 53 --- k3 p41 k3
row 55 --- k3 p41 k3
row 56 – 61 --- knit
row 62 --- knit bind off and weave in ends :Þ

critter 'n spike

this is critter's new best friend spike... knit by the very talented melanie... she made this lil fella for his birthday and aslo because he has a obsession with ducks...anyways thanks again g/f.... he wants to take him everywhere he...


just wanted to show off our new addition to our family....he was knit up by my very good and very talented friend melanie..... she is so sweet and knit this lil guy up for my youngest who is absolutely obsessed with ducks.... he has way too many to count.... this will definitely be a great buddy for him ... he looks kinda lonely tonight .... i think it is because he has to wait til sunday for his grand appearance....that's when his birthday is.... he is going to wake up and find spike beside him in the morning.... or at least that's the game plan.... i will post pics of spike and my son once i get them paired up... lol....other than that i am still knitting up stuff but don't feel like i am making any progress .... still have soooooo much left to do....laters :Þ