Cancer Ribbon Bag

Cancer Ribbon Bag
Designed by: Amy-lynne Mitchell
November 2008
US 8 circular
1 skein 100% acrylic
(I used I love this yarn – hot rose)
materials needed:
1 - US 8 circular needle
1 – Stitch marker
1 small crochet hook – for picking up stitches

*** i added a 4 picture tutorial click the link below ***

US 8 circular

co 41

stitch 31 individual rows
pick up 15 stitches and turn
pick up 41 stitches and turn
pick up 15 stitches and place marker

112 stitches total

k4 p4 k4 p4… til end of row
p4 k4 p4 k4… til end of row
k4 p4 k4 p4… til end of row
p4 k4 p4 k4… til end of row

k4 rounds

k12 p4 k9 p4 k83
k12 p1 k3 p1 k7 p5 k83
k13 p1 k2 p1 k7 p4 k84
k13 p1 k3 p1 k5 p5 k84
k14 p1 k2 p1 k5 p4 k85
k14 p1 k3 p1 k3 p5 k85
k15 p1 k2 p1 k3 p4 k86
k15 p1 k3 p1 k1 p5 k86
k16 p1 k2 p1 k1 p4 k87
k16 p1 k3 p5 k87
k17 p1 k2 p4 k88
k17 p1 k1 p5 k88
k18 p5 k89
k18 p5 k89
k18 p5 k89
k18 p5 k89
k17 p5 k1 p1 k88
k17 p5 k1 p1 k88
k16 p6 k2 p1 k87
k16 p4 k1 p1 k2 p1 k87
k15 p5 k1 p1 k3 p1 k86
k15 p4 k3 p1 k2 p1 k86
k15 p4 k3 p1 k2 p1 k86
k15 p4 k3 p1 k2 p1 k86
k14 p5 k3 p1 k3 p1 k85
k14 p5 k3 p1 k3 p1 k85
k14 p4 k5 p1 k2 p1 k85
k14 p4 k5 p1 k2 p1 k85
k14 p4 k5 p1 k2 p1 k85
k14 p4 k5 p1 k2 p1 k85
k14 p4 k5 p1 k2 p1 k85
k14 p5 k3 p2 k2 p1 k85
k14 p5 k3 p1 k3 p1 k85
k15 p4 k3 p1 k2 p1 k86
k15 p4 k3 p1 k2 p1 k86
k16 p6 k2 p1 k87
k16 p5 k3 p1 k87
k17 p2 k4 p1 k88
k18 p5 k89

knit 4 rounds

k4 p4 k4 p4… til end of row
p4 k4 p4 k4… til end of row
k4 p4 k4 p4… til end of row
p4 k4 p4 k4… til end of row

knit bind off

make handle to desired length and seam together :Þ
( I cast on 10 stitches and knit until 18” long then bind off and seam onto bag)

*** if you do not want the border:
knit 8 rounds total after pattern and bind off

All Cancer Survivors Lavender
Bladder Cancer Yellow
Bone Cancer White with Gold Outline
Brain Cancer Gray
Breast Cancer Pink
Childhood Cancer Gold
Colon & Colorectal Cancer Brown or Blue
Esophageal Cancer Periwinkle Blue
Gynecological Cancer Lavender
Head & Neck Cancer Red with White Stripe
Hodgkins Disease Violet
Hospice Care Burgundy
Kidney/Renal Kelly Green
Leimyosarcoma Purple
Leukemia Orange
Lung Cancer Pearl
Lymphoma Red
Male Breast Cancer ½ Blue and ½ Pink
Melanoma Black
Mesothelioma Royal Blue
Multiple Myeloma Burgundy
Ovarian Cancer Teal
Pancreatic Cancer Purple
Prostate Cancer Light Blue
Renal/Kidney Kelly Green
Retinoblastoma White
Testicular Cancer Orchid/Violet
Thyroid Cancer Light Blue
Transplant Green

*** i was informed that the colon cancer color is blue and i have it listed as brown... i double checked another site.
they say:
Colon Cancer (March) the color is Blue or Brown
sorry for any misunderstandings.


Aunt Kathy said...

AmyLynne I was just looking at all your bags on Ravelry... I especially like this one and the flamingo bag.

superwoman_4002 said...

Beautiful bag! My grandpa died of throat cancer, a very dear friend of mine that i called grandma just died of cancer, and many people i know have breast cancer... thank you for this pattern!! it is a lovely way to raise cancer awareness!
Thank you,

Shirl said...

Hello Amy

Beautiful bag, thanks for sharing the pattern and thanks for the useful information regarding the different colors for the different cancers.


Lil Knitter said...

Awesome, g/f! This one is definitely my favorite. Smart move adding the color chart at the bottom.
Now hurry with those scarves...the world needs to see them!!!


amy-lynne......... said...

I'm glad everyone likes this one... and lil knitter.... I"M WORKING ON IT!!!! LOL

KnittySue said...

My granddaughter was born with Neuroblastoma...what color would her ribbon be? Great pattern and list Thank you...You are so creative.
Thanks for sharing and having a great blog too.

amy-lynne......... said...

here is another list of colors for you all....

i cant get it to link ... sorry... knittysue i am send you a private e-mail... thanks again all

Liripoop said...

I've just discovered your patterns, they are so cool and I love how you provide a detailed pattern rather than providing a chart. As an intermediate knitter I find charts a little overwhelming. Do you use a computer program to work out your patterns or is it all done manually? I'm making the angel cloths as presents for a special teacher, would love a dancer pattern for a special little girl's birthday.

Anonymous said...

Love this bag! Donated a kidney to my sister this past May - now I know what to make her for Christmas. 8)

Anonymous said...

I am knitting things for my dearest friend who is recovering from breast cancer and was hoping to sell things to go directly to breast cancer in her name, I was wondering if that would be acceptable.

amy-lynne......... said...

Christina Henninger,
i have no problem with that... i designed the bag for a very close friend of mine that was recovering from breast cancer too... thanks