picking up stitches video

I have been asked to do a tutorial video on picking up stitches on the bags... i have no idea how to do that so went to the site that helps me out a ton when i get stuck or don't understand.... both links should open in a new window.... they do a MUCH better job at explaining than i could ever do... hope this helps and have a great day.


video for picking up stitches


Sondra Burnham said...

I would like to knit starfish dishcloth, but the pattern doesn't indicate what needle to use. Could you help?
Thank you,

amy-lynne......... said...

hey Sondra... the side of the screen patterns and the direct link patterns both have...

Designed by Amy-lynne Mitchell
©Copyright 2007
US Size 5 needles
100% Cotton Yarn
Knit by: Shirley Smith

I'm just trying to figure out where the pattern is located, whether it's on blogger or somewhere else and fix it, sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for any heads up... :)